Robotic Esophagectomy with 3-Field Nodal Dissection


Dr. Gajagowni is Head of Dept. of Surgical Oncology and Clinical Director Institute of Robotic Sciences, Yashoda Cancer Institute,Yashoda Hospitals Secunderabad, India. From his Robotic Surgeons Council of India KS Awards video presentation: Cancer of esophagus is one of deadliest cancers with a dismal 5 year survival rate of 25-30%. Radical esophagectomy with lymphadenectomy is the cornerstone of the multimodality treatment with curative intent. Worldwide transthoracic esophagectomy is the preferred procedure which allows en-bloc resection of tumour. Thorcoscopic approach reduces the morbidity and mortality associated with open procedure. Robotic approach for esophagus resection is appealing but still under investigational stage. Video of robotic surgery, narrated by the Surgeon with a port placement markings photo and labels of key items. 08:00