Three Years With Robotic Renal Transplants-Updated Results


Veteran Robotic Surgeon and one of the pioneers of the Robotic Kidney Transplant With Regional Hypothermia, Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat describe the progress made since the first transplants done at Medanta in collaboration with the Vattikuti Urology Institute and Dr. Mani Menon. With over 770 transplants done by this method, he discusses the significant benefits which cooling the donor organ (kidney) before implantation outside the body and during anastomosis within the body achieve. He shares highlights of three years of study which prove the value of the procedure, which have also been done in several locations around the world. One of the key advantages is a significant reduction in post-operative pain in the robotic transplant group.
Lecture, with PowerPoints and photos, 12:09

Kidney, Robotics