TORS vs. Nonsurgical Organ Preservation in Early and Advanced Stage Oropharyngeal Cancer


Shamit Chopra is the Director, Head/Neck & Microvascular Surgery at Patel Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab. The full title of his presentation to the Robotic Surgeons Council of India, Goa, November 2017, is: Trans-oral robotic surgery vs. nonsurgical organ preservation in Early and Advanced Stage Oropharyngeal Cancer.

Dr. Chopra reflects on the growth of robotic surgery, the learning curve, and advantages. He calls non-surgical and Trans-oral Robotic Surgery (TORS) “unfamiliar foes,” because TORS surgery “Challenges a different standard of care.” This is because TORS often eliminates the need for chemotherapy and radiotherapy (RT).

He shares the results of a conference of 300 surgeons developing consensus on treating early-stage (T1-2) H & N cancers. Dr. Chopra also narrated robotic radical tonsillectomy surgery footage. He talks about outcomes and when flap reconstruction is needed.

Lecture, with PowerPoints and robotic surgery video, 09:40