The Vattikuti Fellowship : A commitment to your future

The Vattikuti Foundation Seeks to Expand Robotic Surgery Fellowship Partner Institutions and Mentors

The Vattikuti Foundation has been supporting the development of medical science uses for robotic surgery for two decades around the globe, beginning with sponsoring the pioneering work of Dr. Mani Menon. The Foundation is credited with training 100 international fellows and over 50 Vattikuti Fellows in India, thanks to our Mentor Surgeons and their institutions.

Currently as we prepare for the 2023 series of Vattikuti Fellowships, we would invite other interested Indian Academic Medical Institutions and Robotic Surgeons to apply to become part of this successful program.

Please Note: Up to fifteen (15) Vattikuti Fellowships will be awarded for 2023, so not all deserving institutions will be successful in receiving one of these prestigious Fellowships!

The mission of the Foundation is to train highly scientific and versatile robotic surgeons by placing them at high volume, top academic robotic centers in India, under the mentorship of leading robotic surgeons.

Please express your interest in with all the details of the clinical and surgical workload in the fields of Urologic Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology or Surgical Oncology. This expression of interest should include consent from your institution.

Institutions shall provide proof of a recognized educational program for robotic surgery within one or more fields. They must make a one-year commitment to host and provide excellent training for one Vattikuti Fellow to be educated in the specialty agreed upon by the Institution and Foundation.

It is mandatory for accredited Institutions to participate in the Vattikuti Collaborative Quality Initiative (VCQI), a global multi-institutional, prospective database on selected robotic surgical procedures. The Vattikuti Foundation will directly reimburse the Fellow.

Applications must include:

1) A letter explaining why your institution would be a worthwhile facility to place a Vattikuti Fellow for robotic oncologic specialty-specific training.

2) CV of Mentor Surgeon and Program Director (if different from surgeon); number of robotic procedures accomplished in the past 12-months (by Mentor Surgeon); and list of PubMed publications.

3) Information regarding current educational programs; robotic equipment, training consoles/simulators; robotic operating room facility; number of robotic procedures accomplished in the past 12-months (for all Institution specialties); proposed plan for successfully training a Vattikuti Fellow to become an accredited robotic surgeon within one year; list of all modalities currently used to treat cancers, including robotic surgery.

4) Any other factors you would like the Vattikuti Foundation to consider.

Please send the formal application to Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, CEO, Vattikuti Foundation at this email: If the Vattikuti Foundation selects you, a Fellowship could be awarded. Please understand- not every deserving program will be awarded a Vattikuti Fellow due to limited applications and funding.

Thanks for your consideration!


Mahendra Bhandari

CEO Vattikuti Foundation