Sunshine-Vattikuti Global Centre of Excellence for Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad is a 700-bed, multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital with 30 plus specialties.‚ÄčOrthopedic surgeon Dr. A. V. Gurava Reddy is the Chairman and Managing Director. He and Vattikuti Foundation CEO Dr. Mahendra Bhandari have agreed to collaborate with the Sunshine-Vattikuti Global Centre of. Excellence for Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery. The Hospital has been set up to offer qualitative care to all its patients in a patient-friendly environment with a focus on clinical excellence, patients‚Äô safety & dignity, transparency & affordability and accessibility of quality care to every patient. Since its inception, Sunshine Hospital has been offering world-class treatment and facilities to patients with compassion, teamwork, transparency and process-driven approach. By bringing in the best healthcare practices from across the world and by engaging the best physicians from India and abroad, Sunshine has earned the most prestigious and coveted NABH accreditation from the highest body of accreditation in India. This signifies Sunshine‚Äôs commitment to quality, safety and continuous improvement in the delivery of care to patients.

Sunshine Bone and Joint Institute (The Orthopaedic Surgery Division) consists of one of the largest group practice in India, with over 35 fully qualified orthopaedic surgeons, providing world class care in all sub-specialties. Sunshine OrthRobotics is the robotic surgery division, with 2 Stryker Mako Robots being utilised in both branches of the hospital. The Institute is dedicated to academics and research, with residency training programs and fellowship programs in Orthopaedics and other specialties too.

Sunshine Hospitals became a member of the prestigious ‚ÄėInternational Society of Orthopaedic Centres (ISOC)‚Äô in March 2017. This society consists of 21 of the most well-renowned orthopaedic centres from all around the world ‚Äď from 17 countries from across 6 continents. Mayo Clinic (USA), Campbell Clinic (USA), Hospital for Special Surgery (USA), Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (UK) among others, are part of this elite group. Sunshine Hospitals is only the 2nd hospital from Asia, to have a full membership of this elite society.

Founded in May 2009, the Hospital now has two branches in Hyderabad. Sunshine has grown to become the second largest Joint Replacement Centre in South East Asia, with patients from as far as Canada, USA, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran and majority of the African countries are being treated here.