Prostate Cancer Recurrence and Its Treatment


How to Treat Prostate a Cancer Recurrence – Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

Dealing with prostate cancer and its treatment is tough on its own. It takes a toll on not just your physical health but your mental well-being as well. No one wants to go through it or watch a loved one battle with it. What is worse is observing the same symptoms as before show up just a short while after your treatment is over. Hearing your physician tell you that your prostate cancer is back can be devastating and stress-inducing. You’ll probably give up hope and refuse to look at the test report. However, don’t give up on the fight so soon.

Some hope still remains; there are a few ways to treat prostate cancer recurrence. Here are a few options you can consider and look into in case the cancer is back:


This approach may be on the table for whom the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is rising slowly or for aged patients. Keeping a close watch on developing symptoms and monitoring overall health is always important.

Here’s what to keep an eye out for and seek medical help immediately if the symptoms become intense:


- Blood in the urine

- Urinating frequently, especially at night
- Fatigue and weakness
- Bone pain
- Backache
- Erectile Dysfunction
- Discomfort while urinating – a weak or disrupted flow

Salvage Radiotherapy

This radiation treatment works for recurrent cancers. It is possible for cancer to return even after the prostate has been removed. If you have had a radical prostatectomy and your prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is high, then salvage radiation may help.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapy works to suppress male hormonal production. In this treatment, testosterone, which plays an important part in helping prostate cells to grow, is suppressed from being produced. By doing so, cancer cells are prevented from re-multiplying and growing. There are two ways in which this procedure may be done. The first is via medications i.e. pills, injections or implants, whereas the second may require the removal of the testicles.


This option works well with hormone therapy in treating prostate cancer recurrence. Chemotherapy medications can be of different types, but for prostate cancer, docetaxel is most commonly prescribed. This treatment option is effective and opted by many.

important pointers

Tips on How to Prevent Prostate Cancer From Recurring

- Get frequent medical examinations done.
- Eating a well-balanced diet – increase intake of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and cabbage.
- Get adequate sleep and avoid stress.
- Regular exercise – make time for a 10-minute walk each day.
- Quit smoking and excessive drinking.
- Avoid animal-based fats such as butter and cheese.
- Cut down on red meat.

Treating prostate cancer recurrence is possible, so don’t give up hope just yet. Breathe, stay calm and focus on the next step. You can do this! A positive approach will help to bring you the desired results.

Image Courtesy: 'Pixabay,' from Pexels
Disclaimer: Book an appointment with your physician or healthcare expert and discuss these options. They will guide you further on which one would work best for your prostate cancer recurrence and prevent it from coming back.