#151 Remote Access Thyroid Surgery with the DaVinci Sp Robot- Dr. Jeremy Richmon

This is one of the 2023 KS International Innovation Awards videos selected for inclusion in the Vattikuti Foundation – ORSI Humans on the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery Conference, October 6, 7 & 8, 2023 in Ghent, Belgium. Posting does not imply that is has been selected as a Finalist, just that the content will be discussed at the Conference.

From the entry: Remote Access Thyroid Surgery with the DaVinci Sp Robot

Jeremy D. Richmon

Associate Professor

Director of Robotic Surgery Massachusetts Eye and Ear ‚Äď Harvard University

Thyroid surgery is one of the most common endocrine surgeries performed in the world. It is frequently done for benign conditions in young women, a population which may be particularly sensitive to the impact on their quality of life from a visible neck scar. Therefore, a multitude of ‚Äúremote-access‚ÄĚ approaches have been developed to avoid a visible neck scar including transaxillary, bilateral areolar/axillary, retro-auricular, and trans-oral, amongst others. The newest generation DaVinci robot, the Sp, lends itself particularly well for the posterior neck approach. In this video, we show the procedure and highlight the key steps. Advantages of this technique include a safe and familiar dissection path to the thyroid, avoidance of insufflation, excellent exposure to the thyroid bed and central neck, and three working arms to facilitate the dissection.

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