2022 KS International Robotic Surgery Innovation Awards Live Program


The Vattikuti Foundation is proud to present the top three Winners for the KS International Robotic Surgery Innovation Awards. Formerly called the KS International Robotic Surgery Video Awards, the name was changed to reflect the dynamic content most of the dozens of entries contained. After an initial screening by Foundation staff, an international panel of judges from each surgical specialty selected the top entries. At the same time, a public crowd-sourced vote took place. The winning entries were compiled, and then sent to our final round of judges for determining the ultimate Winners. This video contains excerpts from some of our top videos, words from Dr. Mahendra Bhandari, CEO of the Vattikuti Foundation and Foundation President Mr. Raj Vattikuti, and then each of the top three entries are played. The video producers are interviewed by the Judging Panel to reveal insights into their work. Robotic surgery videos, discussion, 1:06:32

KS Awards, Robotics