Session 3: Colorectal Robotic Surgery, Humans on the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery


The Vattikuti Foundation sponsored a gathering of some of the most significant surgeons in Robotic Surgery on November 19, 2022, for the Vattikuti Robotic Surgery Symposium: Humans on the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery, in Miami. Eleven sessions focused on various topics and specialties, with surgeons from all specialties taking part.


Session 3 features two videos on Colorectal Robotic Surgery, and is Moderated by Drs. I. Emre Gorgon and Surya Nalamati. The first video, presented by Prof. Avanish Saklani is ‘Robotic Bladder Exenteration Discussion.’ The second, By Dr. Thalia Petropoulou is ‘First Robotic CME in Europe with Augmented Reality Tools. ‘Discussions, robotic surgery videos, presentations, 36:30 TRT


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