How Do We Build a Strong Academic Foundation During Fellowship Training?


“This is something very close to me,” claims Prof. Dr. Somashekhar SP, Chairman & HOD Surgical Oncology, Manipal Health Enterprise; Consultant Surgical & Gynec.Onco & Robotic Surgeon, HIPEC Super specialist at Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Center. He has a lot of experience as a mentor to Vattikuti Fellows and others fortunate enough to be placed under his guidance during some of their young surgical careers.

He has many points which he considers important for active surgeons- and makes sure that his fellows learn what they are: Academic work in the form of journal publications; data entry (and study); robotic surgery trials & studies and more. (Please watch the video for all of his thoughts.)

Prof. Somashekhar encourages his fellows to look past the conventional- to think about ways to improve current practices, benefiting surgeons and patients even more: “Don’t think (the) same way! …do lateral thinking,” he tells the Robotic Surgeons Counci of India.

He has many great ideas for mentors in any surgical or academic field to view, but residents and fellows will also benefit from paying attention to what he suggests. Lecture, with PowerPoints, 12:08

For more on this ,please watch this video from Vattikuti Fellow Dr. Abhinav Deshpande:

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