Humans of Robotic Surgery: Dr. Jihad Kaouk


Prof. Jihad Kaouk, MD, FACS, FRCS; Zagarac Pollock Endowed Chair in Robotic Surgery; Director, Center for Robotic & Image Guided Surgery; Vice Chair, Enterprise Surgical Operations for the Cleveland Clinic (Ohio), is considered one of the pioneering surgeons in Robotic Surgery. He recently took the First Prize in the Vattikuti Foundation-sponsored KS International Innovation Awards in Robotic Surgery, 2022 for his entry on single port kidney transplantation. Hear him talk about everything from his surgical beginnings, his mentors, and his research, to the future of Robotic Surgery. Discussion, with robotic surgery video and photos, 14:50 (6th program in the VF Humans of Robotic Surgery series.)


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