Mako Partial Knee Arthroplasty- Dr. Thomas M Coon


Dr. Thomas Coon, from San Francisco, California, first began using the Mako orthopedic robot in 2006. He is a paid consultant and designing surgeon for Stryker Mako Robotics, and has designed some of the Mako Implants and total knee procedure for Mako. “I am unabashedly in favor of the Mako robots,” he tells the Joint Replacement Surgeons Council of India (JRSI), “…mostly, because I have had great results with it.” He shares some of the development work he and others contributed to the orthopedic robot. Dr. Coon, featured international presenter at the meeting, also explains why using the robot for partial knees is beneficial for surgeon and patient alike, when compared to non-robotic knee procedures. Using his videos of surgery, he provides many tips gained from 3500 procedures. He also includes videos from some of his patients showing the results they experienced. A very encompassing presentation, including Powerpoints, X-rays, Mako computer screen shots, surgery videos, and CT scan images, 19:05