Robotic Assisted MIS Arthroplasty- Dr. Thomas M. Coon


Dr. Thomas M. Coon, the founder of the Coon Joint Replacement Institute from San Francisco, California, was involved in the design of the Mako robotic system, and first began using the Mako orthopedic robot in 2006. He talks to the Joint Replacement Surgeons Council of India about improving Total Knee Replacement (TKR). He told his audience that patients feel differently than many surgeons do- about what they want from a total knee replacement: “They want to know it feels good, that it functions well, that it bends well, that it feels like their normal knee.” Dr. Coon says that nearly six percent of TKR patients report that their new knee was worse for them than before surgery. He blames two-dimensional X-rays, and old joint technology. He shows advantages of using a robotic arm for TKA, using CT scan based guidance, using his own cases as an example. He continues with a complete description of the Mako procedure. Lecture, with PPT’s, photos and surgery videos.