Open vs. Robotic Assisted Surgery in Endometrial Cancer, Single Institute-FMRI Experience


Dr. Rama Joshi is the Director of Gynae Oncology at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute. She shares her personal experience in robotic surgery for endometrial cancer compared with her open surgical procedures. She tells the Robotic Surgeons Council of India that this type of cancer is growing, and about the management concern surgeons must face in dealing with it for patients of all body types, ages (37-81 years) and socioeconomic means. She used robotic for her more difficult cases (high BMI, more comorbidities, higher age) with very good results to report: “In early uterine cancer patients had a better outcome, compared to that of the open surgery…”

Lecture, with PPT’s, images 11:53

Gynecology, Oncology