Pediculated Gerona Based Bolster for Partial Nephrectomy- Technique and Outcomes


Complete title: Pediculated Gerona based bolster for Partial nephrectomy: Dedscription of technique and outcomes. Dr. Sanjai Addla, Consultant Uro-Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad says, “The key is to do the partial nephrectomy,” regardless of the technique used.

He uses robotic surgery video to show removal of a “rather large tumor, mid polar, around 5 cm in size.” He gives good tips on how he uses caution during the procedure and which tools and sutures he uses and why. (Including crediting VF Partner Surgeon Alex Mottrie for some of the things he does.) He does compare results with his open and robotic techniques for the same procedures.

Lecture, with robotic surgery video, PPT’s 08:03.

Urology, Wellbeing