Robotic ALPPS Stage 1 and Simultaneous Robotic Low Anterior Resection


Dr. Basant Mahadevappa is the Senior Consultant and Head of Department of HPB/Liver Transplantation of HCG Hospitals, Bangalore, India. His patient was a 57- year old male with rectosigmoid growth with liver metatstases.

Dr. Mahadevappa planned a 2-stage procedure to be done robotically. First, a colon resection was completed robotically by a colleague. Dr. Mahadevappa proceded with ALPPS** Stage 1 robotically. “In liver, it can really make wonders,” he says. “Robot has big, big future in hepatobiliary surgeries.”

Dr. Mahadevappa also shows video of the second stage of the ALLPS, which was completed by open procedure performed eight days later to remove the right side of the liver along with 4-B of the liver. (This is part of the ALPPS, which allows the portions of the healthy liver to grow for a week, before the rest of the cancerous liver is removed in stage 2.)

**”ALPPS” stands for: Associating Liver Partition and Portal vein Ligation for Staged hepatectomy. For more information on this procedure, please use this link:

Robotic and open surgery videos, with PowerPoints and CT scan imaging, 06:21.