VF Masterclass: Vascular Access for Hemodialalysis June 6, 2023


This Vattikuti Foundation Masterclass for Nephrologists, Urologists and Transplant Surgeons, focused on Vascular Access for Hemodialysis. Coordinated by Dr. Jigish Vyas, with an eminent panel. Consumed Vascular access in a patient on chronic hemodialysis is one of the biggest problems in assuring long-term survival. Innovative grafts are demonstrated, as well as solutions to complications.


Presenters are:
(06:04) Dr. Abhijit Konnur, on Hemodialysis and Hemodialysis Catheters; (34:50) Dr. Muthu Veeramani on: Vascular access Surgery: Principles and Evaluation; (50:23) Dr. Abhijit Patel on: Types of Fistulas, How to Choose? What to Perform?: (1:18:27) Dr. Jigish Vyas presents his lecture: Maturation failure and other complications fistula; Group Discussion begins at: 1:42:53. Vascular Surgery lectures, videos, PPT’s, TRT: 1:48:01


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Masterclass, Robotics, Surgeon, Urology