Two organ surgeries performed in the same sitting by Robotic SDH system


Case report: We report a case of 36 year old female who came to us with c/o menorrhagia sice 2 months. Patient was evaluated and a usg done which revealed a postero fundal fibroid measuring 4cms*4cms. Also there was a large renal mass measuring 8cms *8cms occupying the mid and lower poles of the left kidney. She had no other urinary complains and renal function was normal. She was planned for a robotic radical nephrectomy with hysterectomy in the same sitting. The surgery started with radical nephrectomy with left lateral docking of the robot using two arms. After the nephrectomy the robot was de-docked and central docking was done for robotic hysterectomy using two ports. Post hysterectomy the nephrectomy specimen was enclosed in an endobag and retrived via the vault opening. Vault closure was done externally. Post operative period was uneventful and pt was discharged on post operative day 4.

Discussion:Two organ surgeries by robot have been rarely reported in literature. Robotic surgery for two organs reduces the morbidity and helps in faster recovery in spite of extensive surgery. It is also less tiring for the surgeons involved in such extensive surgeries.

Robotics, Wellbeing