Rationale of Managing Large Uterine Masses- Hysterectomy


Dr. Rooma Sinha, Senior Consultant and Minimal Access and Robotic Surgeon at Apollo Health City in Hyderabad, combined two Robotic Surgeons Council of India presentations to thoroughly cover robotic hysterectomy surgery, using data from Indian and global research. The complete title of her combined program is: Rationale of Managing Large Uterine Masses- Hysterectomy: What is the Evidence? Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy for the Large Uterus- A Retrospective Comparison of Robotic & Laparoscopic Approaches.

She cites statistics from her patients, including number of ports used, difficult conditions faced, and number of conversions required. Her experience as a robotic and laparoscopic surgeon makes her results significant when comparing blood loss, which is to her a “very important factor,” supporting robotic surgery. Robotic also had a lower rate of conversion, even though the BMI was higher by average than the laparoscopic cohort. An informative presentation by the surgeon honored with the award as “Legend of the Year in Gynecology” by Times Health Care Achievers in 2017.

Lecture, with PPT’s, photos and robotic surgery videos, 17:10.

Gynecology, Oncology