Robotic Assisted Partial Nephrectomy in Large Tumors


“In the last eleven months, I have done 24-partial neohrectomies, but only one was big.” Dr. Kamlesh Patel tells the Robotic Surgeons Council of India. He presents the case of a 69-year-old man who was discovered to have a large left renal mass during a routine checkup. It looked to be a case for radical nephrectomy, but Dr. Patel worked with a readiologist to determine more about the tumor, which was 20cm in size. “…For the sake of the patient and the sake of the kidney,” he decided to go with a partial nephrectomy, by robotic surgery. He shows and narrates the steps involved in this difficult case of the largest tumor he had experienced whether laparoscoically or robotically.

Lecture, with CT scans, Angiogram, photos, robotic surgery videos and PPT’s, 09:01

Urology, Wellbeing