Robotic Inguinal Hernia Repair


A KS Robotic Surgery Video Awards entry:


Authors: Dr. NIKHITHA D. SHETTY, Dr. ASHWINIKUMAR KUDARI, Senior Consultant- Narayana Health Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre, Bangalore


Minimally invasive repair of inguinal hernias have the advantage of lesser post operative pain and earlier return to normal activity when compared to open hernia repairs. Robotic inguinal hernioplasty has the additional advantage of 3-dimensional visualization and enhanced dexterity with optimal working ergonomics which aids in dissection and suturing.


We have performed a total of 40 Robotic hernia repairs, including 24 cases of Robotic inguinal hernioplasty. In this video, we demonstrate our technique of Robotic Transabdominal Preperitoneal Hernioplasty performed in a patient with direct inguinal hernia of 6 months duration. We have also added a segment to demonstrate indirect sac dissection in a long standing inguinal hernia.


Robotic inguinal hernioplasty is a safe, feasible and effective approach for treatment of inguinal hernias. Large prospective randomized studies are required to compare this approach to other minimally invasive modalities.

-Narrated robotic surgery video, with PowerPoints, photo and robotic surgery video clips, 07:20

Robotics, Urology, Wellbeing