Robotic Intracorporeal Neobladder


Robotic Intracorporeal Neobladder was presented by Robotic Surgeons Council of India keynote speaker Prof. Mihir Desai, M.D., of the University of Southern California Keck Hospital, where he is Professor of Urology and Director of Robotic Surgery. RSC members requested this topic and Dr. Desai provided an informative and technique-filled discussion. Included were tips on suture material and surgical methods, including the use of indocyanine green (“Firefly”) to identify vessels during the anastomosis. Marking and measuring properly, instead of “Using the naked eye.” is one of his key suggestions. With video, he shows how he does it. (Look carefully for laser pointer use, showing the key points.) Ideas for best use of the 4th robotic arm and the surgical stapler are offered. Discussion follows (10:30). Lecture with video and PowerPoint, 18:11.