Robotic Kidney Transplantation- First 200 Cases at IKDRC-ITS


Dr. Pranjal Modi, Professor & Head of the Department of Urology & Transplantation Surgery for the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre in Ahmedebad, India. He is one of the first surgeons to implement the Robotic Kidney Transplantation With Regional Hypothermia procedure, first devised by Dr. Mani Menon, Chair of the Vattikuti Urology Institute. His lecture at the April 2016 Robotic Surgeons Council of India describes why this was the next step for him as an open and laparoscopic kidney transplant surgeon. His patient exclusion criteria for the robotic procedure are explained carefully. He compares the results of open and robotic patients and also discusses pediatric and adolescent transplants. Lecture. with PowerPoints. 13:37

Kidney, Robotics