Robotic McKeowns Esophago-Gastrectomy


KS Awards Finalist 2: This video is one of the 8- Finalists in consideration for the top three prizes to be announced February 6th, 2021: Robotic McKeowns Esophago-Gastrectomy


Abstract: Esophagectomy is a technique challenging procedure due to its intricate and deeper anatomical location of esophagus, traversing through 3 anatomically different regions of body namely neck, mediastinum and abdomen and for this reason, it is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. However, with technological advancement and with usage minimally invasive approaches, these morbidities have significantly reduced. Role of robotic surgery in esophageal cancer is evolving and has produced an encouraging early result compared to open and laparoscopic approaches. Presented here, is a video to Robotic (assisted by laparoscopy) 3-phase McKeown’s esophago-gastrectomy with total two field mediastinal lymphadenectomy and D2 abdominal lymphadenectomy for locally advanced mid thoracic squamous cell carcinoma, who underwent neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy as per CROSS protocol and a good response on reassessment. Resection is followed by cervical esophago-gastric conduit tri-staple quadrangular anastomosis.
Keywords: Esophageal cancer, Esophagectomy, McKeown’s, Robotic surgery.


CAUTION: contains narrated presentation of PowerPoints, Photos, Diagrams and robotic surgery footage, 07:48.