Robotics vs. Laparoscopic Myomectomy-Our Experience


Dr. Lavanya Kiran is a Consultant, OBG, Reproductive Med. & Robotic Surgeon at Narayana Health Hospitals, Bangalore. “Any new technology I feel, is not to be accepted without questioning,” she tells colleagues at the Robotic Surgeons Council of India (RSC) December 2018 meeting. She decided to do a comparison of her laparoscopic work and her more recent robotic surgery outcomes for myomectomy patients.

his was a 2-year retrospective study, which contained myomas of different difficulty and locations. While in general, laparoscopic procedures took less time, blood loss was significantly higher. Robotic procedures had some of the larger myomas, which may have affected the duration of surgery in some cases. The length of hospital stays was reduced for robotic patients.

Lecture, with PPT’s and photos. 06:05