Robotics- Why and Where? Is It the New Paradigm? Dr. Ashok Rajgopal


Addressing the inaugural meeting of the Joint Replacement Surgeons Council of India, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal, Group Chairman, Medanta Bone and Joint Institute, offers his thoughts on issues facing joint replacement surgeons- failures, complications and revisions. He references several studies which pinpoint causes for failure. He explains some of the causes of replacement knee failure. “There is a human element- we don’t do this job as well as we think we do,” He tells the assembled surgeons. “We …diagnose other people’s failures quicker, and a lot more competently than we do our own.” Then Dr. Rajgopal shares what he calls The New Paradigm- robotic assistance for joint replacement surgery. He cites studies regarding advantages of robotic replacement alignment, “The early results are encouraging,” but explains to his colleagues that more studies are needed. Lecture, with PowerPoints, 14:53