Ten Commandments For an Ideal Total Knee Arthroplasty- Dr. Gurava Reddy


Dr. A V Gurava Reddy is the Chairman & Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon for the Sunshine Bone and Joint Institute, Hyderabad, India. Regarding Robot Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery, he says, “This is something like a new frontier, and many of us are about to be exposed to this, so it should be exciting in the coming days.” He was speaking to an audience of some of India’s top orthopaedic surgeons at the first Joint Replacement Surgeons Council of India meeting, an event organized and sponsored by the Vattikuti Foundation.
He devised his ‘Ten Commandments’, as the means to add consistency as he and his staff work with up to 24- different Fellows being trained at Sunshine every year. Every Fellow must learn and adhere to these rules, before performing any part of joint replacement surgery. He concluded by saying, “In my Ten Commandments, there are two or three Commandments, which would be aided with Robotics”. Dr. Reddy uses photos, diagrams, videos and PPT’s to effectively present his ideas. 15:14