The Difference Between Using a da Vinci Xi and Si Surgical Robots


Dr. S. P. Somashekhar, Manipal Hospital Head & Consultant- Department of Surgical & Gynaec Oncology & Robotic Surgeon Adjunct Professor in Surgical Oncology (KMC) is a mentor for both the new da Vinci Xi and the Si surgical robots. He addresses the Robotic Surgeons Council of India September 2015 Meetings. Both machines offer the surgeon excellent, 3D, magnified vision, he admits, But there are advantages to using the Xi. One is a new control on the surgeon console for capturing HD video he calls “A beautiful thing.” Another feature he appreciates on the Xi is the ability to place the camera on any of the four robotic arms, through any port. With much more. Lecture, with PPT’s, Photos and videos, 16:45