da Vinci Adult Ureteral Reimplant with Firefly tm Technology


In this Intuitive Surgical video, surgeon Michael Stifleman, from New York University Langone Medical Center, demonstrates the use of Fluorescence (“Firefly” tm). He begins on camera with an introduction of his patient’s condition, port and robot placement and also shows internal images of the patient, describing what his procedure plans are. Stifleman also discusses his pre-surgery conversation with his patient, where he lets them know what difficulties he could encounter, and the options available. Robot docking is shown and explained thoroughly, and Stifleman includes his tips as well. “Always dissect on the anterior surface of the ureter, because there is nothing overlying it you can hurt. If you start from behind, that’s when you start getting into problems”. Following his complete procedure, we see how the fluorescence helps to locate blood flow and perfusion of the anastomosis. Dr. Stifleman finishes the video on camera, leaving the viewer with some “Take Home” advice. 1 hour, 33 minutes.