Dr. Mamtha Deendayal Talks About Her Double Knee Replacement Surgery

Noted fertility doctor Dr. Mamtha Deendayal shared her experience three months after undergoing a double knee joint replacement procedure with Dr. Gurava Reddy. Dr. Reddy is an Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Sunshine-Vattikuti Global Centre of Excellence for Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery. (Sunshine… is an Orthopaedic surgery facility supported in part by the Vattikuti Foundation, which receives no revenue from this partnership.)

The patient returns due to her trust in the doctor. She thanks the Vattikuti Foundation for the work they do.

Edited statement, 3:07

1:05- approached Dr AV Guravareddy of Vattikuti Sunshine Hospital
1:38- I accepted his suggested based on my trust in this great doctor
2:34- I am very grateful to the Vattikuti Foundation for promoting this surgery
2:50- thanks Dr Guravareddy, team, sunshine hospital and is very satisfied

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