Pediatric Bilateral Ureteral Reimplant


Urologist and Pediatric robotic surgeon Dr. Craig A. Peters presents a case of an 10 -year old girl with long standing bilateral reflux with renal damage, who had previously undergone Deflux injections which were unsuccessful. Peters is on-camera introducing us to his case, as well as the anesthesiologist, Dr. Reddy, who discusses Pediatric anesthesia issues, including a device that protects the patient’s face from injury from accidental robotic arm contact. Peters shows and explains the importance of port placement in a child and then continues narrating using robotic camera video of the procedure as he works to expose both ureters. A large amount of Deflux is removed from one side, a lesser, but significant quantity from the other ureter. Clear explanations of his reconstructive technique and da Vinci® robotic camera video provide for an excellent learning experience. 2 Hours, 43 seconds. Video courtesy Intuitive Surgical.