RoboGyIndia ’23 Day 2 AGRS Vattikuti Scholars Session

The Vattikuti Foundation is proud to have had a part in the Association of Gynaecological Robotic Surgeons of India (AGRS) 2-day meeting called RoboGynIndia 2023 held on the 12th and 13th of August at the Sheraton Hotel, Hyderabad, India. The Vattikuti Scholars Session features five winning videos-and their presenters:

00:00 Dr Arunva Roy: “Robotic Lateral VEIL”.

10:35 Dr. Vandana Jain: “Robotic Anterior Pelvic Exrtenteration”

18:39 Rohit Ranade: “Advanced Robotic Surgery for Severe Endometriosis”

33:35 Dr. Parinita Kalita: “Challenges and Advantages of Robotic Myomectomy”

40:34 Dr. Urmila Soman: “Robotic Pectopexy for Vault Prolapse” Following each video presentation the Faculty and audience had short Q & A sessions. Presentation, with PPT’s and robotic surgery videos, discussion,

49:19 TRT

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