RoboGynIndia Robot Assisted Myomectomies-across the complexity spectrum

The Vattikuti Foundation is proud to have had a part in the Association of Gynaecological Robotic Surgeons of India (AGRS) 2-day meeting called RoboGynIndia 2023. This session features:

00:00 Dr. Rooma SInha: “The OT (OR) set up, port placement & instrument selection for success”

08:03 Dr. Arnold Advincula: ” Surgical nuances of myopia enucleation & hysterectomy repair”

22:15 Room Discussion

35:05 Dr. Arnold Advincula: ” The ExCITE technique ( Extracorporeal C-Incicion Tissue Extraction) Minimally Invasive Tissue Extraction Made Simple”

Lectures, with robotic surgery videos, discussion, TRT: 39:35

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