The Second Prostate Biopsy- Instructions, Techniques and Rationale


As part of the Centennial Celebration for the Henry Ford Health System, The Vattikuti Urology Institute (VUI) held a day-long medical lecture series. Dr. Marc Melser, VUI former Resident and Fellow now in practice in Punta Gorda, Florida talked about reasons for a second prostate biopsy. “You can use it for diagnosis, we can use it for a confirmatory biopsy for active surveillance and we can use it to map the prostate and plan subsequent therapy,” he tells the VUI surgeons and alumni gathered from across the country.

He talks about the history, present and future of the biopsy technique and equipment. Melser discusses the number of cores needed for biopsies, significant cancers, MRI fusion biopsies, cryosurgery and the Male Lumpectomy.

Lecture, with Photos and PowerPoints, 17:58