Evolution of Surgical Technique in Robotic Urooncology


Hemang Bakshi is a Urooncologist at HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedebad. The full title of his Robotic Surgeons Council of India (RSC) presentation made in December, 2018 is: Evolution of Surgical Technique and Reduction in Operating Time in Robotic Urooncology- Analysis of 170 Cases.

“You all know that the operating time- the longer it is, the more difficult it gets,” Dr. Bakshi tell the RSC audience. Operating time effects hospital costs and patient recovery, he reminds his colleagues. He discusses the differences in learning robotic procedures when compared to open.

He shares his ideas about the order of steps for procedures, suturing decisions, robotic tool selection and modifications of various procedures to make them more efficient. He suggests that other surgeons need to study their work, and modify them to reduce critical time.

Lecture, with PowerPoints and robotic surgery videos. 11:42

Robotics, Urology