Standardising Posterior Bladder neck division during RARP…


Ashwin Mallya, Vattikuti Fellow under Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat at Medanta the Medicity, presented research at the December 2018 Robotic Surgeons Council of India (RSC). The full title of his work is: Standardising Posterior Bladder neck division during RARP: a difficult step made simple.

Dr. Mallya describes the differences (and problems) between anterior and posterior approaches for the RARP and some differences from other established techniques (Montsouris, Bocciardi). He explains key points in dissection with surgical examples plus he charts the cause/effect for the steps. Challenges that may come up are identified, as well as ways to overcome them with images and drawings.

Lecture, with PowerPoints, diagrams, robotic surgery videos, 13:19