Extended Template Based Lymphadenectomy for Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma


It is a procedure which many surgeons in his audience have done, claims Dr. Gagan Gautam is the Head of Urologic Oncology & Robotic Surgery at Max Cancer Center, Saket, New Delhi, India. The aim of his presentation to the Robotic Surgeons Council of India is to: “Explore a little bit through our own small experience over the last couple of years, regarding how the utilization of the robot can really help in preserving the oncological efficacy of the procedure.”

He claims that there are large “gaps” in the knowledge base regarding upper tract urothelial carcinoma, due to the lower incidence of these cases. Gautam says there are “hundreds” of ways to treat these cases- but no one knows which is the best way to dissect the bladder cuff. The grades of risk categories is noted, and he advocates kidney sparing procedures when possible. For most cases, unfortunately this is not possible. He offers a thorough explanation of some of his different cases, with PPT’s, diagrams and robotic surgery videos. 12:14

Since occasionally the surgeon moves away from the microphone during this lecture, we suggest wearing headphones when viewing this video.

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