The Patient-Side Surgeon in Robotic Surgery


Dr. Rajeev Kumar, MCh, was the first surgeon to be at the patient side position for robotic surgery in India, so he knows “both sides of the table.” He is a Professor of Urology at the All India Institute of Medica Sciences in New Delhi. He talks about the early days, when visiting Dr. Mani Menon in Detroit, and how the role has changed since then. Device malfunctions are an important factor he mentions, as well as how a team’s experience level reflects patient outcomes. There are tips for both a console surgeon and the patient-side surgeon. “When you want to reach the organ, you bring your camera in to see where your instrument is coming in. When he has to come in- you do no such thing.” Good, practical information for all surgeons on a robotic team. Lecture, with PPT’s and video, 11:08.