Utility of the Robotic platform in the management of bilateral pelviureteric junction obstruction with large calyceal calculi in a single sitting : Tips and tricks


This video earned 3rd Place in the robotic Surgeons Council of India KS Robotic Surgery Video Awards, May, 2018.

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From the abstract:

Ashwin Mallya, Indraneel Banerjee, Sachin Arakere, Tarun Jindal, Feroz Amir

Zafar, Rajesh Kumar Ahlawat

Fortis Escorts Kidney and Urology Institute, New Delhi


We present a case of simultaneous bilateral robot assisted pyeloplasty (RAP)

with multiple large stone extraction from several calyces in the left kidney.

We also aim to discuss the advantages the Robotic platform provides in this




Total operative time was 220 minutes, console time was170 minutes. Time for

stone extraction and retrieval was 25 minutes.Perurethral catheter removed

on POD1 and drains removed on POD2.DJ stents removed were removed

after 4 weeks


Bilateral Robotic pyeloplasty can be accomplished with midline ports and

one additional port in either iliac fossa. Stones in setting of PUJO even upto

2 cm in size can be retrieved with the help of robotic instruments without resorting

to any other conventional methods of stone retrieval.

Robotic surgery video, with PPT’s photos, ureteroscopy, 07:57

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