daVinci Prostatectomy Bilateral Nerve Sparing Procedure (AUA 2010 live broadcast)


In this Intuitive Surgical video, Dr. Randy Fagin has a patient in his early 50’s, Gleason score 6- bilaterally, several cores positive, 4.4 PSA in a 200-pound patient. He does a “traditional” inter-fascia nerve sparing procedure. No port placement is shown, but clear visuals and descriptions of landmarks help guide the viewer through the procedure. Bladder neck location for dissection and using the prostate to hold the bladder ‘up’, for the best ‘plane’ is explained. Fagin’s technique for anastomosis- suturing with either hand- is shown, as well as the importance of keeping good track of needle removal. Live robotic surgery, explained by the surgeon, 1:06:42