daVinci Radical CystoProstatectomy with extended pelvic lymph node dissection and ileal conduit urinary diversion


In this Intuitive Surgical video, Dr. Scherr has a patient in his 80’s with bladder cancer. The bladder and prostate are removed and urinary diversion takes place. A photo of the 6-port placement is shown. This video is also good for surgical assistants because Scherr explains what their duties are. The importance of preventing urine spillage is discussed, along with technique used to do so. Part of the way through this procedure, an incision was needed to extract the specimen and for performing the bowel anastomosis and urinary diversion. We see this with an external camera shot while it is explained. The bowel anastomosis is shown, explained and placed back inside, then the ileal conduit is then done, also outside the body. We then see the completed work placed through the stoma site and the final explanation of the procedure. 2:25:44