daVinci Partial Nephrectomy for complex tumour


In this Intuitive Surgical video, noted Belgian robotic surgeon and Vattikuti Foundation partner, Dr. Alexandre Mottrie has a 33-year-old woman with a large tumor on the right kidney. The tumor is a 12 on the difficulty scale of 12, according to the video. We see several images of the tumor and Dr. Mottrie shows port placement with a diagram. He explains his decision to use 4 robotic arms instead of his usual 3 due to the difficult surgery ahead. Dr. Mottrie explains that because he is left-handed, he may use instruments in different ports- and hands- than some surgeons. Thorough explanations and clear daVinci images make this a good example to see. A safe result is worth the extra time, according to his philosophy. As Mottrie states: “”The slower I work, the sooner I get home.”” At one point during the procedure, Mottrie shows us a blood vessel that goes right into the tumor. He shows and explains why in this unusual case, the surgeon needs to clamp it before continuing. Following tumor removal, his technique for closing and securing the kidney in place finish up this excellent video. 1:58:02