RARC- Neobladder Urinary Diversion


In this video from OVRSI Partner Surgeon Prof. Dr. Alexandre Mottrie which was published on YouTube March 13, 2015, you will see a NeoBladder urinary diversion performed by Prof. Dr. Mottrie with a da Vinci Si system. Step by step there is shown how the neobladder is performed, the radical cystectomy is not included in this video. Step one: ureters isolation, left ureter transfered beneath the sigmoid mesocolon and formation of a wallace type posterior ureteric plate; step 2: Urethro-ileal anastomosis; step 3: isolation of an ileal segment for neobladder and ileal reanastomosis; step 4: NeoBladder formation: opening the ileal limbs and closure of the posterior plate; step 5: Neobladder formation: folding and anterior closure. Not narrated, but with excellent slides describing the steps throughout. The video includes a “Firefly” segment using fluorescence to highlight anatomy. 16:19