The Fifth Robotic Arm


Dr. Vikram Sharma is Director & Head of Robotic Urological Surgery for the Fortis Memorial Research Institute. He tells the Robotic Surgeons Council of India that the groundbreaking robotic procedures of just five years ago are obsolete today (11-2017). Dr. Sharma also describes his need for extra help during procedures where the number of robotic arms is sometimes not enough.

“Surgeons console skills are increasing. With that comes an increasing confidence to tackle more and more difficult cases. With that also comes an increasing willingness to innovate.” He tells the assembled group of over 200 surgeons in Goa that along with the increased complexity of procedures, comes the need for “more arms… or assistants.”

His solution is to repurpose the surgical Port Closure Needle. He lists some commercially available products, and then demonstrates through artwork and robotic surgery video how just a simple needle and thread- can hold tissue and organs out of the way during robotic surgery.

Lecture, with PowerPoints, artwork and robotic surgery video, 07:06.